got to love ya!

just some of my favorites for autumn and winter this year. nothing special or groundbreaking new but still nice!
Leather (especially coats with leather sleeves as seen at DKNY, and available at Zara!)
Studs (especially studded loafers or brogues)
Velvet (everywhere- dresses, shoes, trousers!)
Burgundy & Dark Green & Orange/Mustard ( god I looove it!)
Corduroy ( especially trousers)
Bright coloured furs (as seen at Prada, and I think H&M is doing an affordable version)
Denim (timeless and I love the Ombrestyle)
Ombre (in general, saw some great harem pants at UO!)
Metallic (trousers, shirts, dresses, shoes,...as seen at Balmain)
Feathers and Flowers (I think they'll go very well together!)
EDIT:  I forgot
Orange + Gold (gorgeous together!)

Leopard Prints ( in combination with darker colours, as burgundy, dark blue or dark green!)
Aztec Prints 
Evergreens (as Chunky Knits, Grey, White, Black, etc.)
Extravagante Collars

The Judge

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  1. love those studded flats!xx