facing the sun

just some pictures i took today in our garden and in my room. :)

my awesome creepers, can't imagine myself
without them anymore


randomness deluxe

hello kitty-tattoos make you so cool 
(well not a real one of course, but i think i have to get myself one..)

jeans vest from levi's (bought from ebay)
the blouse is a vintage one i found in one of our wardrobes
brooch from spitalfields market, london, uk, europe, earth

finishing off with a little bit of shoeporn:
just bought today 
- from zara, 40 euros

and just ordered on saturday
- underground for urban outfitters, 50 euros
these babies were in the sale, last pair- my size- 100 euros off
damn yes



a long time ago

jaja lang ists her, verzeiht mir. es war fastnacht oder karneval wie es in anderen gegenden genannt wird und danach war ich krank. darum auch nun nicht großartig viel futter für euch, aber ein paar fotos.
bald soll dann auch wieder mehr folgen !
machts gut, ihr lieben.

it has been quite a while now, but carnival was going on and after 6 days of partying i was sick. damn it.
so this post is nothing special just some pictures, but it's better than nothing i guess.
for sure there are going to be more posts about other things soooooon.
stay amazing guys.

normal pictures