I became a total ebay-junkie! But I feel like it's a very very cheap way to buy nice clothes especially concerning vintage clothing because I don't have the possibility to buy vintage clothes in my hometown if I don't want to pay as much or even more (!) than for new clothes. Even if some pieces are very nice I don't get it: Why should I pay i.g. 30 euro for an old blouse ? However I bought this amaaaaaaazing velvet jacket on ebay for only 5 euro, because I thought velvet is definitely a trend to go this season and if I would buy something at Zara or H&M it would be more expensive and less individual and special.

This was the first time I wore it. As you can see here I combined it with my "new" leather skirt from H&M. I liked the look of it very much. How do you like it?

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